Sartorius offers single-use or glass and stainless steel bioreactor solutions. These array of automated multi-parallel mini bioreactors and classic benchtop bioreactors support fast and reliable development and characterization of your processes throughout all phases.

Cell Analysis
Information-rich cell analysis methods are crucial to scientific progress in the rapidly-advancing fields of oncology, immuno-oncology, antibody discovery, neuroscience and stem cell research.

Cell Culture Media and Buffers
Solutions here fall under;
By Application
Antibody & recombinant protein media,Stem cell media,Viral vaccines media and Regenerative media
By Type
Microcarriers,General Media,Downstream Buffers and Acids,Bases,Alcohols and Detergents

Fluid Management
Products offered depend on the following process steps:
Liquid Storage & Shipping,Freeze &Thaw,Mixing,Transferring&Sampling, Connecting & Disconnecting and Final Filling

Process Control & Data Analytics (PAT)
Due to overall titer improvements and the increasing development of single-use technologies, the introduction of robust and reliable single-use sensors further enhances the benefits of single-use processing concepts such as PAT